Tooth-colored Fillings in Henderson, NV

Tooth-colored Fillings in Henderson, NV

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, have become the standard of care for most up-to-date dentists. They are now used much more often than amalgam or gold fillings and are more far more aesthetically pleasing than the other options.

Throughout both standard and cosmetic dentistry, people tend to want fillings that blend or closely match the color of their teeth, rather than stand out. This type of filling will mimic the natural appearance of your tooth structure in addition to serving the dental health function of restoring decayed tooth areas. The applying and hardening of this material is quick, effective and easy to fix down the road if damage occurs.

Finally, these tooth-colored fillings can also be used in a cosmetic sense to change the look of your teeth. Have a tooth whose size, color or shape may not be your favorite? The team at Christensen Dental can assist with composite fillings.


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