Root Canal Treatment in Henderson, NV

Root Canal Treatment in Henderson, NV

It is no secret that the patients dread the thought of having to get a root canal. However, at times, this procedure is absolutely necessary to avoid further complications and greater overall health issues as well as save your tooth. This procedure also eliminates the pain that you may have been experiencing in the given area.

Dr. Christensen and Dr. Anderson have been performing root canals for many years and they do so in the most patient-friendly way possible. This procedure is necessary when the soft tissue inside the root canal becomes inflamed or infected due to decay, a crack in the tooth, tooth injury, etc. Some of the symptoms you may have experienced are pain, sensitivity to temperature changes, tenderness in the surrounding area and discoloration. At other times, there are no obvious symptoms at all.

So, what happens during a root canal? The dentist will remove the inflamed or infected pulp from the inside of the root canal, then fill and tightly seal the space. Later, you will receive a crown or other treatment to restore the structural integrity of the tooth. You may experience pain during or immediately following the procedure, however, it is a much better alternative than the pain you would experience had you continue to let the tooth die, and may be better than the pain you were already experiencing.


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