Dentures, Partials & Repairs in Henderson, NV

Dentures, Partials & Repairs in Henderson, NV

Serving as replacements for missing teeth, dentures are typically comprised of acrylic resin. Occasionally porcelain or metal is also fused into the denture structure to add more support. There are two types of dentures, one is called a Complete Denture and the other is a Partial Denture, which fills in a partial section of your teeth as opposed to all of them. Both types are specially crafted to fit your specific needs.

The process of getting dentures may require that some teeth be removed; hence surgery is often needed. During surgery, the bones that stabilize your dentures may be improved upon so that the dentures fit snugly and securely and have less of a chance of moving around on you. The dentures will then be made with extreme precision using an impression that was taken of your bite.

After complete, you will try your dentures on, and minor adjustments will be made if needed. As an added bonus to the appearance of teeth, dentures also help with chewing, correct pronunciation that sometimes is hindered by missing teeth and strengthen the muscles that you use to formulate expressions.


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