Why to Use Your Dental Insurance Before End of the Year

Why to Use Your Dental Insurance Before End of the Year

Posted by CHRISTENSEN DENTAL Dec 06, 2022

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A surprising number of people put off dental treatments due to the high cost of dental insurance plans. Unfortunately, this means that they are paying monthly premiums for benefits that they do not use during the year. Even your deductible has a large impact on your finances throughout the year. But the end of the year is a prime time to maximize the benefits of your plan and maximize your tax savings. Yes – it is true! You can get a tax benefit from using your dental insurance before the end of the year!

If you have not yet received all of your dental care for the year, now is the time to schedule the appointments you need before the year-end. Note that you can only take advantage of these benefits if you have already met your yearly maximum on your plan. If you have not, you will need to wait until next year to schedule this care.

Be aware that if you use your insurance for the current year's treatments, they will count toward your coverage for next year. That means that you will have to wait until the end of the following year to use any unused benefits of your plan again. This is why it is a prime time to take care of your dental needs now so that you can get the care you most need while maximizing the tax benefits of your plan.

Unused Benefits Go To Waste

You miss the opportunity to use any remaining benefits from your dental insurance plan at the end of the year, and you lose the money that you already paid for your plan.

You can maximize your insurance benefits by scheduling any dental treatments you need by the end of the year. This will require planning ahead to ensure that your dentist has enough time to complete your treatments before the year is over.

If you do not have any major dental needs before the end of the year, you can schedule routine exams and cleanings to keep your teeth healthy and strong! Talk to a dentist about your oral health and schedule your appointments today.

If you are ready to start scheduling your appointments today, give our office a call at (702) 331-2121 to schedule your next one! We can't wait to see your smile soon and help you enjoy the benefits of visiting the dentist regularly this year!

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