Non-surgical Gum Treatment in Henderson, NV

Non-surgical Gum Treatment in Henderson, NV

Gum diseases are caused by bacterial plaque, which occurs due to poor oral hygiene. A thin, sticky layer of microorganisms, known as a biofilm, causes inflammation in the gums, separating them from the teeth. Several tiny spaces known as periodontal pockets are formed that offer a sheltered environment for the pathogenic bacteria to reproduce. If left untreated, it spreads further into the bone that supports the teeth, eventually causing tooth loss.

At Christensen Dental, we offer a variety of non-surgical gum treatments to our patients. During the early stages, we prefer non-surgical procedures. However, in more advanced stages, we recommend surgery. 

The common symptoms indicating the need for non-surgical gum disease treatment include:

  • Bad taste and bad breath
  • Red and irritated gum tissue
  • Dull and uneven gum line
  • Bleeding gums
  • Gaps between gums and teeth
  • Changes in the bite or position of your teeth


Perio-Protect is a comprehensive approach to address the bacteria that cause gum disease. It provides gum disease management and promotes a healthy oral balance.

How Does the Perio Protect Tray Work?

The Perio Tray reaches deep into the periodontal pockets and applies medication to the infected gum tissue. The medication solutions used include oxygenating and oxidizing agents and are customized for individual patient needs.

Our dentist will take measurements and impressions of your mouth and send them to the dental lab. The lab will then customize an internal seal for each Perio Tray. Once ready, you can put medication directly in this Perio Tray and wear it for several minutes each day.

The actual duration and frequency of use vary based on individual patient needs. We recommend using the Perio Tray-based on your periodontist’s advice. You can start with 2 to 3 Perio Tray applications each day for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once the bleeding decreases and the infection gets under control, its usage drops to one time per day. Consult your dentist to know when to reduce the use of your Perio Tray.

The daily use of these Perio trays for the application of medication to the gums prevents the disease-causing bacteria from recolonizing and enables the gums to heal faster.

Advantages of Perio Protect Tray

The Perio Tray offers several advantages as a gum disease treatment device, such as:

  • It is a more comfortable and effective alternative to apply medication deep below the gums. 
  • It helps patients avoid the excessive use of systemic antibiotics. 
  • The Perio Tray is not technique-sensitive and is easy to use. The patient simply needs to add medication and place it accurately in the mouth. 
  • It offers a comprehensive treatment of biofilms underneath the gums.

Please reach out to our dental practice in Henderson, NV, to have a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Christensen. Please call us at (702) 331-2121 or schedule an online consultation, and we'll guide you further.


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