Single-tooth Implant Crowns - Everything You Need To Know

Single-tooth Implant Crowns - Everything You Need To Know

Posted by CHRISTENSEN DENTAL on Sep 21 2021, 11:25 AM

At Christensen Dental, we understand how frustrating and difficult it is to live with one or more missing teeth. Besides affecting the aesthetics of the smile, it can also impact our overall oral health and wellness.

For patients who have lost their teeth and are looking to replace them, we offer several advanced tooth-replacement options that fill the gaps in the smile and restore the mouth to its full functionality.  

Dental Implant Crowns To Replace Missing Teeth

The concept of dental implants has revolutionized the way tooth replacements are performed worldwide. Considering the fact that millions of people across the world have at least one missing tooth, implant dentistry offers one of the most reliable and durable tooth restoration options that help people restore their mouth to its full function and appearance. 

Single-tooth implant crowns

A single-tooth or traditional dental implant can help if you have one missing tooth due to extraction, dental disease, or some other reason. Though several other tooth replacement options are available, dental implants outweigh them owing to their durability, aesthetics, and convenience.

One of the main reasons why single tooth dental implants are considered superior to other tooth replacement options is their resemblance to a healthy, natural tooth in terms of appearance, stability, and function. For people with a single missing tooth, a single-tooth dental implant will replace both the natural tooth and the tooth root. 

Single-tooth Implant Placement

Our natural tooth comprises a tooth root surrounded by the jaw bone. The tooth root holds the crown, the visible portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line. During the placement of a single tooth implant, the dentist surgically fixes a metal implant into the jawbone to serve as the artificial tooth root on which a prosthetic crown is attached after a healing period. 

Advantages of Single-tooth Dental Implants

  • More natural and aesthetic appearance than other tooth replacement options
  • Do not affect the health of neighboring teeth
  • Durable
  • Require no additional maintenance
  • Replaces the tooth root and preserves bone health
  • High success rates

Are Single Tooth Dental Implants Right for You?

For patients who have one missing tooth, an implant and implant-supported crown offer the best tooth replacement solution. Within a few days after the procedure, the patient can regain a fully functional mouth, and the patient will forget that they have an implant at all! Since the dental crown placed on the top of the implant is customized to perfectly fit the gap left by the missing tooth in your mouth, this is an excellent way to enhance your smile.

Christensen Dental offers single-tooth dental implants at Henderson, NV. For more details and appointments, call us at (702) 331-2121, book online, or visit us at 10521 Jeffreys St #200, Henderson, NV 89052.

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