Prime Scan- New Innovative Technology at Christensen Dental

Prime Scan- New Innovative Technology at Christensen Dental

Posted by CHRISTENSEN DENTAL Feb 15, 2021

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Why Is Dental Imaging Important?

To ensure the success of a restorative procedure, artificial teeth must perfectly fit your natural ones in both shape and size, as well as fit your mouth structure. Apart from the physical discomfort, teeth that don’t fit correctly can cause bite issues and hinder oral functions. 

To avoid any imperfections, dentists rely on dental impressions for restorative procedures like dentures, crowns, veneers, and bridges. 

Traditionally, dentists used putty to create dental impressions by placing it in the mouth and asking patients to bite down on it. While it used to be quite popular long ago, this traditional method has its disadvantages such as the bad taste the putty leaves in a patient’s mouth, causing a gag reflex, and the inaccuracy of the results. 

That’s why, at Christensen Dental in Henderson, Nevada, we prefer dental imaging. This new technology gives accurate results every time and is easier to use. 

Prime Scan - The Gold Standard in Dental Imaging

At Christensen Dental we use Prime Scan, the latest and most advanced technology in dental imaging and scanning. With Prime Scan, we can capture more data and in higher resolution. Prime Scan also ensures the accuracy of images thus ensuring their reliability. 

Image Accuracy 

Prime Scan can capture images of your teeth with outstanding precision and access areas of the mouth that are hard to reach. 

Faster Results

With Prime Scan, the scanning process is faster and scans are easier to process as it can capture more than 50,000 images per second. In addition, it enables us to instantly send the data to the lab for quick high-resolution models. 


Prime Scan can capture accurate dental images almost instantly, it is very easy to use and can access hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.


Prime Scan, with its precision and speed, is the gold standard in dental imaging. When using Prime Scan, we can get accurate dental impressions and precise, high-resolution data to design your perfect smile in less time and with less hassle. 

To learn more about Prime Scan and its advantages, schedule a dental appointment at Christensen Dental in Henderson, Nevada. Call us at (702) 331-2121, book an appointment online, or visit our office at 10521 Jeffreys St #200, Henderson, NV 89052. 

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