Christensen Dental- Providing High-Quality Air In Our Office

Christensen Dental- Providing High-Quality Air In Our Office

Posted by CHRISTENSEN DENTAL Apr 06, 2021

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Respiratory viruses are dangerous and spread in multiple ways. Some viruses spread from an infectious person through contact or contaminated surfaces. Exposure to droplets in the air may also transmit the virus to people within six feet. 

Airborne diseases are often contained in droplets that are particles that remain suspended in the air. It spreads to people over long distances in a short time, which increases the danger of infection. Enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation can have a buildup of droplets that can spread the virus rapidly. Christensen Dental considers it essential to provide clean air in the dental office, ensuring the safety of our patients. 

The Importance of Clean Air in a Dentistry

A wide range of air pollutants may reside in dentistries which can cause the spread of viruses and bacteria. It tends to spread through interaction with each other. Some particles may reside on the instruments used at the dentistry like high-speed drills and ultrasonic equipment. Other particles are light and tend to stay airborne for hours. Hence, it is crucial to maintain clean air in dental offices, which helps stop the transmission of various diseases. 

Keeping Our Staff and Patients Safe

Dentists perform disinfecting practices and follow safety policies that help to maintain cleanliness. During pandemic conditions like COVID-19, the dentists adhere to strict protocols and CDC guidelines that help keep the dentistry clean. At Christensen Dental, located in Henderson, NV, our dentists take precautionary measures that ensure the safety of the patient and the dentistry staff. Other than safety guidelines, our dentistry has also installed technologies that enable better conditions for safe dental treatment. 

Installing the #1 Rated Air Purifier in Dentistry

At Christensen Dental, we have installed the HealthPro Series Commercial Air Purifier, ideal for maintaining clean and fresh air in dentistry. It traps the ultrafine particles in the air that are smaller than 0.1 microns. Most ultrafine particles contain airborne particles that cause heart attack, strokes, asthma, and cancer. IQAir’s HyperHEPA filters 99.5% of all large particles to the smallest particles. Your safety is our priority and we consider it our responsibility to provide safe dentistry for all your dental requirements. 

Christensen Dental, located in Henderson, NV, has taken precautions to provide dental treatments during COVID-19. Call at (702) 331-2121 and book a consultation with the dentistry for more details regarding dental treatments. 

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